Pipe Cleaner Christmas Tree

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      Bottle cork
      Green pipe cleaners
      Pony beads
      Gold star stickers

      Time needed: Under 1 Hour

      1. Set a 1-inch-tall bottle cork (with the narrowest end facing up) on a flat surface and use a nail to make a hole halfway into the center. Bend an 8-inch green pipe cleaner in half, tightly twist together the tips, and then fit them into the hole in the cork.

      2. Straighten the pipe cleaner so that it stands straight. Snip additional green pipe cleaners into six pieces that range from 4 inches to 1 inch in length.

      3. Just above the cork, wrap the middle of the 4-inch length around the vertical pipe cleaner to form branches, and bend the tips slightly upward. Working up the tree and using the next longest pipe cleaner each time, attach the other branches in the same way.

      4. Thread colorful pony bead “lights” onto the branches and decorate the treetop by sandwiching it between two gold sticker stars.

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