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      help! i have dozens of convict chiclids. have 3 that are now like flounders! they lay on the bottom on their sides. when i feed them they struggle to swim and eat as much as they can till they fall to the bottom to rest, then try again! is this from them inbreeding? for the last few years we have had lots of babies that have come from an original 2 convicts. original pair, 1 was the norm, grey with black stripes and other white. we now have white and yellow, solid white and normal grey. only 3 white are doing the flounder thing. at first i thought they were going to die, but has been a few months and their still alive! want to help them but don’t know how! hubby says, “they have a belly full of rocks!” i think maybe a swim bladder problem, anyone know???

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      to update, i asked at a pet shop about my “flounder” problem. i was told they never heard of such a thing. am now asking around on fish sites. someone has to have had this problem. i feel sorry for the poor things. and thank god, even tho they are territoral, the others seem to know, and don’t bother them. any sugestions?

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      Well, pet shop people don’t always know everything. When I asked about a hermit crab problem I had not too long ago no one knew what was wrong but it seems like the crab is fine now.

      What exactly is the problem, like just they way they swim? Since if they’re still going strong after a few months of swimming like that, there’s probably just a genetic thing going on. If they’re doing fine and everything, but you’re worried about the next batch I’d say try to avoid the right conditions for breeding if possible.

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