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      Right now we only have a small dog. I’ve had chickens, turkey,geese before.

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      Right now we only have chickens, about 3 dozen of them and 2 teens.

      Last year we had 4 horses, 2 cats, a couple dozen chickens, 5 goats, and 2 teens.

      Coyotes got the cats, we sold the horses & goats, mainly because round bales of hay jumped to $75 Each and we were going through 2-3 per Month.

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      Sorry, about the cats, it’s the price you pay for living in country. I lost the turkeys and chickens from a weasel.I was determined to protect the rooster, lasted 4 days.I took him in the house at night. Gave away goose.

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      I had 5 hens but now only 3 Thanks to fox and raccoon. I have 2 roosters, 2 cats,2 dogs, 1 big work horse. I had a duck but he left.

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      Jennifer Green

      We currently have 5 hens, one beagle and a male tabby for keeping mice away in the barn. Oh, and a Betta. 😛

      In the past I have had:

      Goats, Geese, dogs, cats, fish, parrots, reptiles..

      Am hoping to get enter into bee keeping this year as well as get back into goat husbandry.

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      Oh wow!! I want back in the country so bad.I miss the privacy, quiet.

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      Currently , one cat and two 12 week old Border Collie pups – brother and sister. I also have four Parakeets. Historically , gerbils, hamster , many wonderful cats , three other amazing Border Collies , a Basiji dog , a Carolina Dog , a Golden Retriever , two Sun Conure Parrots , three Ferrets. Wow that’s a lot of pets! We would love to have chickens , but city won’t allow.

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      Sorry about the duck. Yes, TwistyLynn that’s alot of pets.I had 6 dogs once,plus other animals.

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      I have a german shepherd and an african gray parrot

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      I have only one dog a Rattie named Yeppie also a big black fat cat named Felix {can’t have chickens where I live} I can have cage Rabbits for eating tho..Thought about trying it next year

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      At this time, I only have one dog (a sheltie). Being single and working a lot I don’t see me replacing the one that passed for a while. Current dog loves being in charge at our house!

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      1 dog we own, 5 neighbor dogs who do not understand boundaries, and recently some roaming horses hoping they stay lol

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      I have 2 little dogs and a cat right now. My 18 year old yorkie mix crossed the rainbow bridge in July.

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      We have 2 dogs (both mutts), 1 cat, 2 degus, and a lizard (Bearded Dragon).

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      I have 2 Golden Retriever. Both Female. 🙂

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      We just acquired a mini golden doodle puppy. Additionally, we have 3 cats, 3 guinea pigs, 1 hermit crab, 1 cockatiel, 1 pet rabbit, plus about 65 farm rabbits, dairy goats and chickens.

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