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      Hi all,
      I thought maybe I could offer some insight in pet vax. I have a
      vet tech degree and have managed vet hospitals and I show and breed
      and train Basset Hounds. I also teach classes for dogs of all breeds
      and show othere breeds beside Basset Hounds. Now that that is out of
      the way let me help with your questions. Puppies need to have a
      series of 4 shots, the reason for this is to build up their
      antibodies so they can fight off anything that might hurt them.
      However, these only last 1 year and need to be re-vaccinated to keep
      their immunity up to par. Rabies vary from state to state, here in
      Utah our rabies vax is good for 3 years. Rabies must be given my a
      licenced vet, however, your DHPP you can do yourself, most stores
      like Cal-Ranch. Steve Reagan and the such sell the vax for really
      cheap. However, if your dog bites someone you don’t have the “proof”
      a animal control officer would want to show that a “vet” gave the
      DHPP shot. The shots from a vet are about $30.00 and if you give
      them yourself they are less than $5.00. There is another one you can
      only get from the vet and that is Bordetella. That is a vax that
      protects your dog from getting canine pneumonia. If you have your
      dog groomed it is highly reccomened that they have this to protect
      them from what other dogs might have at the groomers. It is VERY
      contagious and can kill your dog. Parvo is another one that is VERY
      DEADLY. This is an airborne virus and can be picked up and brought
      home from the park or even the grocery store. The virus can live for
      TWO years and then infect a dog. The dog will be dehydrated and have
      diarrhea and will be vomitting constantly. This however is part of
      the DHPP vax, and you can vaccinated yourself. While I agree that if
      you have indoor cats and they aren’t exposed to anything by being
      outside, we all go outside and bring things home to them. Right off
      hand I can’t think of the name of the cat vax, but you can do it
      yourself as well. If anyone has any questions, PLEAS feel free to
      ask me, I will do my best to help in anyway that I can.
      Marcia & Allen & the Sassy Bassets
      Utah’s finest Basset HOunds

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