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      I really enjoyed your article and everything was very well explained and true. I myself am a vet tech and I have always reccomended doing the feed store vaccinations to friends and family because I myself would not be able to have animals without working at a vet because of the cost. Recently I had something very disturbing happen to my neighbor she had a year old schnauzer that was fully vaccinated as a puppy with all the appropriate vaccinations both from the breeder, and the owner from feed stores vaccines and rabies from a vet. She is a very meticulus owner whos animals never leave the house or backyard except to come to the vet. At a year old her dog contacted parvo and inspite of a weeks hospital stay of aggressive therapy she was not able to pull through. Anyone thinking of vaccinating your puppies with feed store to save money remember that alot of vaccine manufacturers do not sell to anyone but vets- and even if they do feed store employes and pet owners do not understand that vaccines are very tempermental if it is not kept at very cool temperature up until given it can make the vaccine useless. This could happen durring shipping, or being unpacked, or after the owner buys them from the store. I would not reccomend using feed store vaccines for puppy bosters if your dog is 2 years old and you want to i would think it would be ok but as you stated the puppy vaccines are the foundation to the rest of your animals life and its worth spending the money for a vet to give them instead of spending what my neighbor did (over $2,000) to try and save her baby. I guarentee she would have gone back and vaccinated with a vet.

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