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      Hello everybody. I am new to the group. This is my first post. And
      I have a question.

      I searched the archives but did not find anything. I need to know if
      anybody has a remedy for getting the smell of pet urine out of
      carpet, mostly dogs. My older dog has accidents at nights and the
      smell id getting terrible.

      I need help with this please.

      Diane in NC

      From: “Diane”
      Date: Mon May 26, 2003 6:58 pm
      Subject: Pet Urine Smells

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      Hi All,
      Please don’t use Febreeze as it irritates the lungs of many of us. It only covers smells. White vinegar neutralizes cat urine smell, although after a while I smell vinegar and think it is urine!

      I love the tea tree oil idea. Will try it soon.

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      When I had this problem (with my 14 year old dalmation) white vinegar worked very well. I thought I would have to replace the carpet, but I didn’t. It may work better on dog urine than cat urine.

      I’m not sure.

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      I dont think you can completely get it out once it has soaked down to the padding. All you can do is regular cleaning and use pee pads available at most stores now. I sprinkle liberally with baking soda before vacuming about once a month.

      I’m getting ready to rip out all my carpet. The house my parents bought when I was a kid was home to alot of pets and it was so bad the urine had soaked all the way into the concrete base and up the drywall, they had to replace some of the drywall. The only sure fire solution is ceramic tile or lanolium where pets have access.

      I wouldnt invest in new carpet while there is still a problem child though.

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      I tried to get rid of the smell on my own for a very long time. So it did not work out. Do you think it is worth asking a cleaning company for help? I called a rug cleaning company and their experts said that they could remove the smell, but they are not responsible for the safety of the rug. And the rug is pretty expensive.

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