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      Hi, this is my first time to post…I how like to know if anyone has a sure fired solution for getting dog urine out of a 2 year old beige carpet? We have tried just about everything from enzima cleaners from the pet store to oxiclean with hot water. My D Hubby is ready to pull the carpet up.

      We can not get rid of the dog, she is a 3 year old double dapple dachsund, she is special needs, she is deaf and near blind. She has to stay in the house. We take her out in the am before we leave for the day and let her out as soon as we get home about 8-1/2 hrs.

      I would greatly appreciate any input from anyone out there.

      Thank you,

      From: “mseasttexaslady”
      Date: Sun May 11, 2003 4:59 pm

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