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      I’ve always used the Nature’s Miracle line from pet stores like Petco with some
      success. It seems to help for a time before the smell slowly returns (which it
      will if its in the carpet padding). They have solutions that you can manually
      work in or spray on as well as a solution for a carpet shampooer.

      We have one
      incontinent cat and two others that cannot resist the urge to mark their
      territory where the incontinent cat has gone. Ugh! Smell city.

      Like someone
      else wrote, we have also started replacing carpet with Pergo (although I would
      rate mine a 5 on her same scale) because once the urine gets into the padding
      it will not go away permanently. and if it hits your subfloor like it did for
      us in our dining room……yuck! the whole thing needs to be replaced to stop
      the odors.

      in between quarterly treatments with the Nature’s Miracle, buy stock in
      fabreeze and use, use, use!

      Good luck!

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