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      This has been a big problem for me also over the years — my older pug
      (going on 14) just was put on Proin (I think) a supplement to stop
      bed-wetting. She had lost all control of her muscles back there, and could
      not tell when she was wetting or pooping. If this cheap supplement had not
      worked, the next thing the vet would have done was to put her on a
      medication that has few side effects, and that would normally stop the

      I also use the pet wee pads from Foster & Smith website, a
      veterinary practice in the midwest that also sells pet supplies, I use their
      own brand of wee pads, plus I bought some plastic frames to hold these pads
      in place better.

      They also sell products to control the pet urine, but when I replaced my
      flooring, I tore up asll carpet, which killed me to vacuum (asthma) and put
      down Pergo. The Pergo on a scale of 1 – 5, with 5 being the best, I would
      give it a 3. It is not as impervious to moisture as they claim, but it can
      be repaired if needed, and I had a picture fall crooked to the floor, and
      puncture the Pergo like a dart– but once again it can be repaired, and mine
      is already several years old, so it has been a BIG improvement over carpet.
      Plus it seems to keep my condo (upper story) warmer and cooler in the

      Another possible solution is the “bloomers” you can buy for dogs at Fosters
      and Smith, and maybe better onces someplace else. These are usually for
      dogs in heat, but they have little absorbent liners that can be changed when
      the dog wets.

      You also might hop on the Doris Day Anjimal League website, she puts out a
      little booklet with lots of helpful hints. Also, I used to buy odor and
      stain removed from Petco, which also has an online site.

      Another shopping tip — I joined years ago the shopping portal.
      When I shop for products, I go to their site, which has a list of merchants
      linked to it, such as Petsmart, Walmart, Sears, e-bay, etc. What is nice is
      that when you make a purchase, the merchant you shop at automatically gives
      a donation to the charity of your choice through igive — you just choose
      your favorite chairty when you sign up, and they automatically tell you how
      much the merchant gives on each purchase to your charity — for example, 2%,
      or maybe in the case of e-bay a few cents for each item you bid on.

      They keep track of how much you have donated to your favorite charity, and
      tell you at the end of the year, when you can deduct this amount off your

      Now keep in mind, it would be stupid to spend a lot more for anything just
      to get the deduction, you could always save money by shopping wiser and give
      the chairty the money yourself! But, I shop carefully, and so far my
      charity (Best Friends Anjimal Sanctuary) has gotten 40.31 I beleve! When I
      think of how hard it is for me to find money to give to my favorite
      charities, that gets me jazzed!


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