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      I found this great thing this last week! It’s called Spot Shot, it is expensive, but it works GREAT! My 115lb lab mix had the doggy flu and was throwing up AND had black diarrhea and he had 11 accidents in the house (he was SOO sick) and there is nothing but 7 marks on my beige carpet.

      I used the spot shot to clean it up and 4 of the places you don’t even see a mark on. It works on old and new stains, and I wouldn’t even have these 7 marks but I ran out and will need to get more come payday. I am sure that after I pick up an new can that these 7 marks will be gone too!

      Of all of the marks the 2 worse ones are done, they are gone completely and you can’t tell a difference at all as to where they were. And even though the carpet is still a little discolored in the 7 spots that are here, the smell is gone completely.

      Since your dog is a dachsund, I would get a giant crate for her, the one that will fit a Great dane. This will keep her safe while you are gone, and your carpet clean. You can put her water in there with her and her favorite toys, or blankets.

      And you would be sure that she is safe from anything that way too. She would have plenty of room to laydown, or sit up and to drink her water until you return. Or see if there is a neighbor who could keep her during the day.

      A sahm would be a good thing, or a sahw like me. i don’t have kids, but i stay at home during the day and work on various things, and keep track of our two dogs…. see if there is anyone in your area who would babysit her for you.

      if she were my dog i would do the crate thing at least. it would help you both.

      emily y.

      from: “emily yelton”
      date: sun may 11, 2003 8:17 pm

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