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      Cut the leg off a discarded pair of denim jeans. Take all seams off. Fold in half length wise and cut along crease to make 2 long pieces.

      Use one of these to make the toy. Cut the piece about 14 inches long, your desired length. Fold this in half lengthwise and crease.

      Fold to end pieces to meat at the crease. Then fold in half. There will be four layers.

      Using cotton thread sew by machine or by hand all the way around.
      Done. My dog loves this and he is a bull dozer and hasn’t torn it yet. I use cotton because cotton is digestible by dogs,just in case.

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      Thanks for the tip. We have a 1 year old German Shepherd and she is still in the chewing stage and goes through toys like nobody’s business. She has one of those expensive Kong toys but she prefers to chew on cloth because it feels better and she can really dig into the fabric.

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