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      I recently saved a 1 1/2 year old golden retriever/beagle mix dog. He’s
      doing very well except for one thing…he still wants to cock his leg and
      pee on things even after he has gone outside. I’ve only had him for 2 1/2
      days so I know it’s a bit early and he’s still trying to acclimate himself
      to our household, but I’m wonder what cheap and easy mixture I can use to
      spray on the wet areas to kill the smell.
      And if anyone knows any secrets to totally housebreaking this dog, I would
      appreciate it.

      I’ve always trained dogs from puppies and not almost
      full-grown. He’s not crate trained which is how I’ve always trained my dogs
      We got a crate for him and he refuses to go into it. I don’t want to
      force him into it, cause I want him to like being in there…not think of it
      as punishment.

      Sue in pa

      from: “sue thompson” Date: Thu Feb 2, 2006 10:06 am
      Subject: pet odors

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