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      hey sue,

      i had the same problem with my jack russell. she was 1 1/2 when i got her
      and was not even close of being housebroken.
      she didnt knew the crate too. all i did was putting treats into it, so she
      went in there herself to get them.

      as soon as she was in there i told her
      what a good girl she is and kept giving her treat (special good ones of
      course). i didnt gave her any treats except in the crate. now she loves her
      crate and still sleeps every night in it.

      at day its open and when she wants
      her peace she lays down in it.

      is the dog you have spayed? if not, then its probably marking.
      i always used a vinegar-water-mixture to clean the spots.older spots i added
      even some bleach. for the carpets i used resolve.

      just be patient with your dog, as soon he feels home he will stop. and i bet
      then you have a very good time with him.
      i had to go with my girl almost 6 month trough hell (related to a lot of
      different problems) and now i have a wonderful dog!
      she got pushed around the first 1 1/2 years of her life and never had a
      home, just a lot of different owners that never really cared for her. so it
      took her that long to acclimate herself.
      so hang on there!!!!!…..and please never let the dog feel that you are mad
      with him, that will just make it worse.

      keep me informed!!!!
      have a good time with your new buddy!

      greetings from germany

      From: “diana”
      Date: Fri Feb 3, 2006 1:59 pm
      Subject: Re: : pet odors

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Budget101 Discussion List Archives Pet Care Pet Odors – How to Deal with them?