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      I agree–Nature’s Miracle is great stuff. We tried lots of other things, too,
      but NM works really well. We alse really like some sort of spray-on carpet
      cleaner with “oxygen” in it–it comes in a blue bottle, but I’m drawing a huge
      blank right now.

      We just moved so it’s still packed up, otherwise I’d go check
      it out for you. It’s a pretty common thing, though, so if you’re in the
      cleaning row looking at carpet cleaners at your local Wal-Mart or grocery store,
      I’d imagine you’d be able to locate this stuff with no problem.

      Anyway, our puppy was a rescue & liked to tinkle inside when we first got
      her–drove me crazy! It seemed like all I did was clean up puddles of pee when
      we first adopted her. Anyway, we crate-trained her & it was easy….probably
      b/c she was already sort of used to going into one.

      Maybe you could try giving
      him some irresistible dog treats or small pieces of cut-up hot dog or cheese so
      he gets used to the scent & knows these things are good. Then later, put a few
      of them inside the crate & put it in a neutral area (outside) & walk away. Make
      sure they’re far enough inside that he’ll have to go in to retrieve them & just
      turn your back or at least stand 8-10 feet away & let him explore it on his own.
      You can repeat with treats randomly left in there until he gets comfortable
      going in on his own.

      We’ve had our puppy for 6 months now & we still give her a
      little treat every time she willingly goes in her crate when we want her to b/c
      we want her to associate going there with
      being a happy place. Now she often just hangs out there in the evenings. I
      hope some of this has helped!

      2 1/2 days isn’t a long time in the overall
      scheme of things, but when you’re the one cleaning up the never-ending puddles,
      it feels like forever! Hang in there!

      Date: Thu Feb 2, 2006 8:00 pm
      Subject: Re: : pet odors

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Budget101 Discussion List Archives Pet Care Pet Odors – How to Deal with them?