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      I tried looking to see if anyone has posted this question or not and couldnt find it.

      Anyway, does anyone know of a good source to get flea/tick med and heartworm med? I feel I am paying too much for this every month at the vet. I have tried to research it on the internet, but there is just too many links to follow. I dont know if I should be looking into a combo med, which is what I use now (has both flea/tick and heartworm medication) or be looking for them individually.

      If you have any ideas I would love to hear them! Thanks in advance!

      Jaime in OH

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      I think 1800PetMeds is the one I always see advertised for lower prices. Usually pet meds need doctor approval or prescriptions so I am not sure how this would work.

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      You’re right! The meds are insanely expensive! You can use 1-800 Pet Meds, but you’re gonna end up paying about the same because you same about $10-$15, but you end up paying that in shipping 🙁 You’re best bet is to find a friend that works at a Vet’s office. 🙂 I have a friend that works at a Vet’s office & she sells the meds to me for the price that they pay – which is HALF the price that we get charged!!!

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      been using this (equine) for years for heatworm…. no trouble…………
      our dog is 40 lbs and it is like 2CC’s for her.. it is easy to give her and works great!

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      Thanks for all the help everyone. The 1800petmeds is about what I pay now. I will continue looking in the meantime and let you know if I find anything else. 🙂 Thanks again!

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      That’s a problem here, too; we’re having the worst flea infestation in decades. In desparation i checked eBay; there are a few sellers who sell the Advantage and Frontline in ‘kits’; In it are 3 vials of the stuff for the largest dog; it’s good for both cats and dogs; read that a nonessential ingredient in cat’s formula is higher than in dogs. The liquid, which we’d dot on the back of our pets, is applied at a rate smaller than the vials; info is available per seller. Here’s where i got my 1st batch which is in the mail now: FRONTLINE PLUS FLEA CONTROL FOR DOGS & CATS – LARGE KIT – eBay . The seller sells both brands altho that pg only lists Frontline. Read what the sellers do to re-portion the dosage amounts and how much their kit(s) would save you. Don’t just look in one spot; research to see if you can find it cheaper elsewhere… then let us know :o) HTH

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