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      Yes the meds are the same as the vets use, but I had ordered form and both times they had messed up my orders so I will

      never order from them again. I just had to pass this info on to you so

      it won’t happen to you. The first time the order had been debited to

      my acct. and the order never mailed out so this had taken over a month

      to receive the items that I had ordered and the 2ed. time a similar

      problem. There or many good websites that sell pet items and meds that

      I feel it is not necessary to ever order from them today.

      Just a warning your way if you have never given shots in the past. It

      has been suggested buy many vets and other websites that I have been

      on that you should not give them yourself to your pets if you don’t

      know what you are doing. I don’t post very much since I’m very busy

      but just thought this was so important to pass on this info to

      others. Donna, Pa.

      > Can anyone tell me whether the pet medications that are available

      > through Petmeds is the same as at the vet? This is one thing that is

      > really tough to pay out, but we have two wonderful dogs who are

      > companionship AND protection for us. We have to try to take good


      > of them and this would help. Thanks for any info!

      > Linda

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