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      I’m not sure if this fits the criteria for the competition, but I thought I would submit it anyways because it is a great share (at least in my opinion). I live in a duplex with an open floor plan so there is no place that I can keep my kitty litter hidden… or so I thought.

      I had been googling all sorts of online kitty litter pans that look like furniture for small places, but the prices were shocking!! So I thought, I can do better. I went over to my local ikea store, found a stuva storage bench in the as-is isle (it has a drawer that slides out for easy scooping) and i drew the door i wanted and cut it out with a jig saw.

      i even painted the inside of the cut with left over purple paint from my feature wall. so now it sits in my back lobby, a kitty litter box posing as a bench. 🙂

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