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      I don’t know how you feel about this, but I have 2 indoor cats and an
      indoor (most of the time) dog. We don’t get them any shots. Of
      course we did when we first got them, and their boosters after 1 year,
      but I have grown up with animals all my life, and we never got our
      animals shots. It’s very unlikely that they will get sick unless they
      are directly exposed to another sick animal…which is not possible if
      they stay indoors. Plus, we have a fenced in yard for them to go out
      if they want. Also, try topical flea treatment w/ coupons at Walmart,
      etc. instead of letting the vet do them…much cheaper! And, it is
      wise to get them neutered first thing…or you’ll end up w/ more
      animals than you have now!!;) I wouldn’t worry about buying expensive
      food unless your pet has a digestive problem (we have to buy Iam’s due
      to cat’s urinary tract infections and dog’s digestive problems). Buy
      food in big bags, or smaller bags w/ coupons to save $$. Hope this
      helps…let me know if you need any more advice!:)

      Jennie Kirby

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