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      Don’t skimp on shots. Your animals can get diseases even if they
      aren’t in contact with other animals. And sometimes, despite our best
      efforts, they escape. But also for others safety. We just had a
      neighbor stop by the other day to make sure our cat was current on his
      shots because he had had a scuffle with her cat and I know we could
      have been legally responsible for vet bills if he hadn’t been. If you
      can’t afford medical care for a pet, then you can’t afford a pet.
      They are a responsibility like a child and many states have been
      beefing up their laws about this, so you will want to be sure you are
      taking care of your legal responsibilities. Also, being the recipient
      of a dog bite in the recent past, I know that insurance companies are
      really cracking down on coverage of this and a lot of them now require
      a separate rider to cover a dog bite situation on your homeowners.
      Just a few things to check on. Hope it works out.

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