Pesky Spiders… HELP!!

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      Hello everyone…

      I’ve been a silent member here for quite sometime… I guess you
      could call me a lurker… but now I’ve got a problem and I’m
      wondering if anyone can help…

      Within the past year we’ve moved into a new home and we are having a
      problem with these pesky critters that are making my skin crawl!!! i
      can’t even sleep at night! some of you may think that’s silly but
      after having a 1 1/2 inch spider come crawling across the bed to
      greet you in the middle of the night I’ve really had a enough!!!!!!!

      If any of you have any suggestions on ideas for spider control…
      I’ll take anything!!!!! I have pest control coming in every month and
      they are telling me it has to be a contact kill… you have to spray
      them when you see them…

      I know there has to be something more
      because I’ve never had this kind of problem before! I live in
      Florida… I’ve always lived in Florida so that’s nothing new…

      I’m so concerned that one of these guys is going to be one of those
      nasty brown recluse (My sister-in-law’s sister was bitten just last

      Thanks for any help you can give.
      Beth C.

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