Pepper Steak

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      Pepper steak from

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      List of Ingredients

      1 to 2 packages thin steak
      1 green pepper
      1 red pepper
      1 large white onion
      1/2c soy sauce
      1/2tsp garlic
      1tsp pepper
      1tsp paprika
      1tsp worchester sauce
      2-3tbsp of flour or cornstarch
      1c of water
      4- 5 cups rice depending on your family’s size you may decrease or


      Start with a zip lock freezer bag. Cut the meat into strips. Cut the
      peppers and onions into strips too.

      In the bag put half of the onion
      and peppers on the bottom. Then add the meat. Put all the spices
      onto the meat.

      Then add the rest of the peppers and onion. Then add
      the soy sauce and worchester sauce.

      Zip the bag closed and move the bag around to coat all the
      ingredients. Let that sit for 10-15 minutes. In a saute pan put some

      Add all the ingredients to the pan.

      Saute till done. Then add the water. Let that come to a boil and add
      the flour or cornstarch.

      Let it thicken. Prepare the rice. When all
      is done serve it on top of the rice.

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