Peeling Potatoes

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      To easily peel hot cooked potatoes: Before cooking potatoes take a paring knife and score the peel all the way around the middle (side ways not long ways). Cook as usual. When done, use tongs and transfer one potato at a time to a bowl of ice water.

      After about 10 to 15 seconds remove potato and slide peel off. This really does work.

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      Now this one does sound like a very good handi tip. Thanks Janice, it’s the little things that make life easier.

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      Did you ever drop tomatoes into boiling water and then into ice water so the peel would split & slide off? This works on the same principle except the skins are tougher so you have to score them.

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      Boy I want to run up and try this right now! thanks!

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      Thanks for the info. I’ve never tried this before. O always just peel them when they’re raw.

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      rtebalt – I never really understood why people boil the potatoes whole and then peel them. Good way to burn your fingers!!! I use a clean pair of Playtex gloves to protect my fingers now.

      Scoring & boiling saves time all around plus you don’t have that starchy spatter everywhere

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      I did try this today — Awesome !! Smiles to you Lady.. Certainly works very well.

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      Thanks JoAnn. When you can’t do much, you learn to do the most you can without doing much!!! lol – does that make any sense at all!!!

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