Pear Butter

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      This recipe calls for alot of sugar. It’s really sweet, so you might have to cut back the sugar a little. Do it to your taste.

      This is a great gift to give from the kitchen. I puried my pears in the blender, poured back into the pot and then added the rest. It turn out great, very nice texture and color. Enjoy.

      Pear Butter

      3 lbs. pears, peeled (or 4 c. prepared fruit)
      1 lemon, grated & juiced
      1 1/2 c.

      (1 lg. can) crushed pineapple
      1 box Sure Jell or Pen Jel
      5 1/2 c. sugar (or less so it’s not so sweet, about half the amount)
      1 box paraffin squares, melted
      Cook pears until soft (approximately 10 to 15 minutes) at a low temperature (simmer).

      After fruit has softened, mash with a potato masher. Add pineapple, lemon and juice and Sure Jell or Pen Jel. Bring to a hard boil, then add sugar.

      Cook again to a hard boil and let cook for 5 to 10 minutes. Test to see if ready to pour into pre-sterilized jars by putting a small amount into a bowl, let cool and check to see if it is runny or has set up. If ready to set up, turn off heat and let cool for 1 to 2 minutes.

      Skim off foam and pour into jelly glasses. Cover top of Pear Butter with 1/4″ paraffin. If you are short on pears, canned pears can be used.

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      Also, I did not use the Paraffin. I just canned mine and did a hot water bath. It turned out fine.

      Very pretty color to them.

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      Correct. Never use paraffin wax as a sealer. With advances in technology and scientific research, it was determined not to be safe.
      National Center for Home Food Preservation | How Do I?

      Never ever reduce the amount of sugar in a recipe that uses regular pectin. The amount used is NOT for taste reasons, but is required for the pectin, sugar and acids in the fruit to chemically react and bond correctly for gelling to occur. The sugar also acts as a barrier to the growth of bacteria while sealed in the jar.

      If you want to use less sugar or something else, like Splenda, you must use a no sugar required pectin, Pomona Pectin, or ClearJel®

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      Wow, never know that about the sugar and pectin. I knew that it didn’t add flavor. But didn’t know anything about the reducing sugar would create problems. I’ve reduced the sugar before and had to add more pectin, and it came out fine.

      But I will keep the info in mind, thanks.

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      If you don’t have it you should get a current copy of the Ball Blue Book of Preserving. You should also occasionally visit the national center for home food preserving and update your knowledge. they even have a free self-study course on food preservation.

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      Thanks Tonia!!

      I have printed this and I am going to make it this weekend, I will tell you how it turns out!!



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      I have a huge pear tree that was here when we got the house. I tried to do pear butter by the ball recipe ths year…..there recipe is awfull. I was thinking more applebutter with a pear tast. I got citruss.

      They have you add a bunch of orange juice. They are all no good for giftgiveing 🙁

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      I’m sorry your pear butter didn’t turn out. 1/3 cup orange juice for 6-7 lbs of pears is not much but if the pears were not fully ripe with flavor I guess it might influence the flavor more than usual.

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      redring, I didn’t use orange juice and it came out fine. This is a very good recipe, it’s really sweet, but good. I don’t think that I would like orange juice in mine.

      The combo with the pineapple and pears is just right. I hope you try this one out, I think that you’ll like this one really well. The longer it sets the better it gets.

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      Hey Tonia!!

      I made the pear butter, it was excellent!!! It was a bit sweet but I really loved it….put it on a english muffin for breakfast and YUMMY!!!

      Thanks girlfriend!!!

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      Oh good, I’m glad that you liked it. It is sweet, but it’s also good on a bagel with cream cheese. Very Yummy!!

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      I appreciated your recipe for pear buter. I thought it was a lost recipe. My mother and grandmother made this when I was growing up.

      After leaving home I could never find anyone that knew about this recipe. My husband only likes pear preserves and had never heard of pear butter. I can show him this now.

      hehe. Thanks for this recipe

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      Thanks Tonia…The recipe sounds wonderful.

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      Your very welcome. I hope that you enjoy making it and eat it too. It is a good recipe, we have really enjoyed it ourselves.

      It would make a wonderful gift for Christmas as well. I love homemade things, they comes from the heart.

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      oh! thanks for the assurence. i will try this recipe next year 🙂 i think i will just add some cinamon to the jars i have (much better that way) and use them this cristmass for turnover cookies.

      mmmmm pear filled turnover cookies sound wonderfull. actually i found out somthing while makeing my pear butter this year. i love pearsauce!!!!

      nothing added. the pears i harvested this year were sweet and amazeing. when i made my pearsauce for the butter i almost never finished it.

      i did keep one jar just sauce. no one could tell me how to jar it properly though so i am not sure if it will be good. hrer is hopeing.

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      Thanks, I’ll have to try this….I make apple butter and it is good.

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      I make apple butter every year. It one of my favorites to make and of course I have to try it…..haha……The family always looks for it every year.

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