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      2 cups sugar
      1 cup light corn syrup
      1 cup water
      Stir until sugar dissolves; cook to 238 degrees.

      2 cup peanuts
      1/4 tsp salt
      Stir constantly; cook to 290 degrees; remove from heat.

      1 tsp butter
      1/4 tsp soda
      Stir slightly; pour into well greased cookie sheet.

      Let harden, break apart, & enjoy.

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      Thank you for this. My boyfriend was fussing the other day he said he wouldn’t get his peanut brittle since his mom was not going to be here for Christmas. Now I can make him some.

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      Oh, that is so awesome! I almost didn’t put the recipe on here! I’m so glad I did!

      You can let your boyfriend keep fussing now & surprise him @ Christmas time with the brittle! 🙂

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