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      The PC world is full of Registry cleaners, aiming to free your system of the junk left over by long-removed applications. And so you might not think you could possibly benefit from installing another, yet PC Tools Desktop Maestro could well be worth the effort.

      PC Tools Desktop Maestro 2 – vnunet.com

      Click “Scan Your Computer” and there’s none of the usual waiting around, for instance. Some Registry scanners take so long we’d only run them overnight, but this one zipped through our test PC in a speedy 58 seconds.

      The scan results aren’t displayed in the usual incomprehensible list, either. They’re split into categories, then sorted by priority, so it’s easy to find what you need. And individual keys can be kept or deleted, whatever you like.

      If you’re concerned about Registry keys being removed in error, then you’ll appreciate the Restore option that lets you undo any change the program makes. And it can be configured to create a System Restore Point before deleting a single Registry key, for an extra layer of protection.

      The attention to detail continues, even after your redundant Registry keys have been deleted. This doesn’t in itself change the physical size of the Registry, so PC Tools Desktop Maestro includes a “compacting” option that does exactly that, consolidating keys to ensure your Registry takes the minimum of drive space and RAM.

      Just in case that’s not enough, the program also comes with a Registry Monitor that will keep an eye on key system Registry locations for activity, and issue regular reports. There’s also a handy set of PC performance tweaks. And there’s a huge bonus with the built-in Privacy Guardian (see walkthrough). It’ll clear your tracks in Windows, browsers, common applications and more, and justifies installing PC Tools Desktop Maestro all by itself.


      This full commercial version of PC Tools Desktop Maestro 2 has been offered to vnunet.com as an exclusive distributor, online, under agreement from PC Tools. This is not freeware. It’s not freely distributable. Do not host nor link directly to the download.


      You need a serial code to use PC Tools Desktop Maestro 2. To obtain your code, click the ‘Register’ button within the software and then ‘Get Free License’.

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Free Stuff ~Coupons Galore ~ Hot Deals Freebies PC Tools Desktop Maestro 2 – free (full version)