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      I totally agree about that. I belong to a group in yahoo that “follows” his
      book and one thing I have differed in is I paid off my higher interest rate
      things first. I just thought it was silly to pay off something that only was at
      4.5% when I had a credit card that was charging 24.9%. I understand that he
      says that seeing cards and other debt get paid off will be an inspiration to
      step it up and work harder to pay if off even quicker but seeing the finance
      charge decrease every month on that card was inspiration enough. By the way I
      am down to only $800 in debt, which will paid off in about 4 months unless I
      decide just to get it out of the way this month. I was up to about $10,000 last
      year at this time. Now I am looking to get back in to debt since we are
      starting to look at houses. Sigh


      I have done it a bit differently than Dave though. I did it by the highest
      card interest rate rather than the lowest balance. I am down to only $2k
      from almost $20k in a few years and that should be paid off by the end of the
      year. Theresa


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