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      Patriotic Berries
      12 strawberries
      4 oz white chocolate or white candy coating
      1/4 cup blue sprinkles
      Wash the strawberries and gently pat them dry with paper towel. Make sure they’re completely dry. Place the blue sprinkles in a small bowl.Melt the white chocolate or candy coating in a small microwave-safe bowl. White chocolate scorches easily, so stir it after every 30 seconds to keep it from overheating. Stir until it’s melted and smooth.
      Holding a strawberry by the stem, dip it about two-thirds into the white chocolate.
      Since these are Patriotic Berries, make sure to leave a visible red portion at the top of the berry. Place the strawberry on a baking sheet lined with parchment or waxed paper, and repeat until all of the berries are dipped. Refrigerate the tray briefly to set the chocolate, for about 5 min.
      Dip the bottom two thirds of a berry in the white chocolate, then immediately roll it in the blue sprinkles until the bottom third is covered in blue.
      Refrigerate the tray until the white chocolate is completely set, and store decorated strawberries in the refrigerator until ready to serve. These candies are best enjoyed the same day they are made. Makes 12
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