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      Well, lei’s are a cheap favor. You can usually order these from
      Oriental Trading Co pretty cheap. On their website, it shows a set
      of 100 of the poly plastic lei’s for $18.00.

      For $27, you can get 7
      dozen two tone plastic lei’s.

      There are also other things on the site with the luau theme. For
      around $5, you can get 72 temporary tropical tattoos, but you’d need
      to do 2 sets. They also have a set of 6 dozen fish keychains for
      $9.95, but again, you’d need more than 1 set.

      There is 100 piece sets of the coin bubble gum, but instead of being
      gold coins, they are brightly colored with palm trees on them, for
      $4.95/100 pieces.

      For $7, you can get 7 dozen hibiscus print calendars.

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