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      I have a parenting question for you all, I would love any and all input, (even blame if need be).

      I have a child in the 5th grade. He is very bright, yet chooses to do the absolute bare minimum when it comes to school work. this child takes no pride in his work what-so-ever.

      dh and i have set down with him nearly every single night of the week to force him to complete his homework, we’ve had to make him rewrite assignments that are atrocious.
      he will lie to our faces that his homework is complete and when i ask him specifically, are you sure all your homework is done, he’ll say “yes”. i’ll say, “what about your spelling”, oh gee he forgot. i just went over every subject with him and he had 3 items of homework that he conveniently “forgot” about.
      Although he has the ability to handle the work and the is very bright, he chooses to do NOTHING every chance he gets.

      We are exhausted from this year- it’s the 4th quarter and we have spent every single night asking, re-asking. I’m tired of it, I’ve had enough. We’ve sat him down and explained how important it is to have a decent education.

      He could care less.

      We have tried an “earn rewards” program, for every “A” he gets $5, for every “B” – $2.50, etc, but that didn’t seem to work. We tried giving him a later bedtime and more privileges if he gets decent grades, that didn’t seem to matter.

      At this point, we are considering asking the school to keep him back a year to give him a little time to Mature and maybe get a grip that he has to get off his rear and DO something!

      (Actually, we wouldn’t have to ask, if we dont call his teachers and ask them to send his school books home he “forgets” them anyway.)

      I’ve even contacted the teachers and made him get his daily planner signed each day by his teachers to show that he’s actually written down homework assignments, although this didn’t work well, because his teachers say that he is in 5th grade (which is Middle School here) and they dont have time to babysit.

      Homeschooling is not an option for us, i cannot motivate this child to do something & i do not have the patience.

      i’m ready to jump off a building just trying to get him to do a little homework each night.

      suggestions? thoughts? ideas?


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Budget101 Discussion List Archives Kids / Children Parenting Question- School- stay back, Move ahead?