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      I probably should have added that he has problems all along, was diagnosed with dyslexia- but at the same time I was told it didnt matter because he was “over it. Once they learn to read, everything else just follows naturally”.

      Which is crap, I know, but he can read like you wouldn’t believe. He simply devours books.

      He has very little to NO common sense whatsoever, but I just assumed it was the age. For example, we recently took him to a fair that had funnel cakes for sale, the sign looked like this:

      funnel cakes $3.50
      add sugar .50
      add Ice Cream 1.75
      add fruit 1.25

      He didn’t have enough money to purchase a funnel cake, so he ordered a funnel cake with ice cream because it was “$1.75”. He just lacks common sense.

      >>He’s probably bored stiff in school!

      Since he is very bright, he isn’t being challenged!

      Perhaps you can find a tutor to challenge his intellect.<< I think he is bored, but not because he’s too smart, because he only shows interest in certain subjects and could care less about the rest. if it’s not science, magic or harry potter, he has zero interest in it. i have believed he was adhd for quite some time, and when he was tested for dyslexia he was also diagnosed as “borderline adhd, with additional testing needed”. but for the sake of not medicating him – which neither my husband nor i want, and the schools here push for constantly, we didn’t engage in further testing. i asked what they could do for him and they said, we have pills for that. last year he had a really great teacher and he did fine, but this year he has half a dozen teachers, switching classes, he’s in a new school because they consolidated all the schools and closed the one he was in. they’ve closed several schools down in this area and now the kids have to be bussed for an hour every morn and hour every night.

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Budget101 Discussion List Archives Kids / Children Parenting Question- School- stay back, Move ahead?