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      Have you tested him for learning disabilities? I understand that he is very bright and capable, but perhaps he has problems transfering the work back into his assignments? Every fiber of my being is screaming that this is not just a contrary kid.

      Its such a strong vibe, I really urge you to look into it further.

      My best friend’s 14yr old son scored college level on his tests when given verbally but couldn’t focus and follow through on written assignments and bombed the test horribly when it was written. He did everything he could to get out of doing his school work and did the bare minimum he could get away with, much like your son.He also struggled so hard to write (the actual mechanics of writing, although he has no physical problems) that he hated to do it because his hand would literally hurt as he was clutching the pencil so tight to form the words. Once he could type his papers, that barrier was removed.

      Once he was tested and they learned the best ways to work with his learning styles he began to excel.

      He really sounds like he doesn’t want to do the work and there has to be an underlying cause that he, himself, truly might not understand.

      There is a book called “A Mind at a Time” by Mel Levine, md that discusses this kind of disconnect in children otherwise bright, capable children.

      dr. levine also has a website and there is a mini checklist that has several of the traits you’ve mentioned about your son listed:

      might be worth looking into.

      btw, you have the right to insist that teachers sign that homework notebook and you need to go to the principal and even the school board if necessary to make it happen.

      teachers are required to do whatever is necessary to help your child learn and if it takes a homework notebook and an initial from the teacher (which takes about 5 seconds btw) they should be doing it. If they don’t like it – tough. Our school REQUIRES a homework notebook beginning in 3rd grade through high school and I need to sign it to show that I know what work my kid has.

      Good luck

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Budget101 Discussion List Archives Kids / Children Parenting Question- School- stay back, Move ahead?