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      I felt that I just had to share this with you.

      Last week I had my 3 nieces along with my 2 kids. My nieces are used to
      being able to do whatever they want whenever they want. My kids have a
      lot of freedom also but I had never really realized how well I had
      actually raised my kids compared to my MIL and SIL. While the girls were
      here they did nothing but torture Justen since he is the only boy and he
      sadly took it since he won’t hit a younger kid. The whole week the girls
      woke up at 8am and proceeded to make noise and wake everyone else up.
      They also wanted nothing to do with helping around the house.

      Now the realization of the parenting job that I have done with my kids.
      Yesterday both of my kids wanted to help me do everything for my BBQ
      even if it wasn’t meant to be done by a kid. After the BBQ and everyone
      left they helped clean up the back porch for me, with out me asking.
      This morning I didn’t hear my kids until just before 10am and they were
      getting ready to give themselves baths.

      I know that everyone has different ways that they raise their kids but
      the point I was trying to make is that you never realize just how well
      you have done until after you have had to deal with someone elses kids
      for a week. Until this morning I never realized just how independent my
      kids already are courtesy of how my husband and I have raised them.

      So in closing if you ever doubt the parenting job that you are doing
      think about having someone elses kids for a week and than when they go
      home look at what your kids do because of how you have raise them. If
      you don’t like it than you will learn where you need to work on things
      and if you like how they behave and act than you know that you have done
      a good job.


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