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      I agree, I have 4 kids, now twins 20, 18 and 7. I have never paid for chores. they all learned to fold towels and wash cloths at age 5, then empty small trash cans, etc as they got older they did other things like the list below, vacuuming, dishes, cleaning their rooms to include changing sheets weekly, dusting, etc.

      I am one person and I feel it is my job to teach them responsibility. It has never hurt a child to do something for free. It also teaches them to appreciate the money the unexpectedly get.

      Occassionly my husband and I would surprise them and add a few dollars in a ‘nice jar’. If htey did something nice such as when my dtr was sick without being asked my son did her chores. He had no idea he would get money.

      Or when we were at the grocery, my youngest son helped an elderly woman put
      her groceries in her cart while I was doing mine. Very unselfish act of kindness. Robyn

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      My kids are ages 5, 6, 8, 10, & 11
      They do chores for FREE
      Help with walking the 4 dogs & feeding them
      Cleaning bunny and hamster cages
      picking up any messes they make
      Trash to outside barrel and on trash day bring to curb
      and anything else they would like to help with
      My 5 yr old daughter is home so she helps with laundry,mopping the floor,sweeping, paying the bills, whatever I am doing etc.


      Liss wrote:

      Another Thread …

      Do you make/require your children to do household chores?

      If so, What Chores & how old are the children?

      Also, is allowance part of the equation or is it because they need to
      learn that families work together and everyone needs to do their part?

      Just curious.

      As most of you know I have 2 children and we require them to do
      chores. I am revamping what is expected of them as we speak. I feel it
      is important that kids learn how to properly keep house as well as how
      to plan and prepare meals.

      Obviously I don’t expect them to cok and
      clean my house, but I do want them to be self sufficient when they are
      old enough for their own apartments and not live like pigs & eat out of
      a take-out box, lol.


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