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      My children are very spoiled. I have a very simple chore chart and they each have only one assigned chore each day. I tell them that is a reason to be grateful for a large family!

      If they had less siblings, they’d have more chores! The chore chart rotates each week. They are alsosupposed to make their bed daily and keep their bedroom picked up.

      They also have to bring their dirty clothes to the laundry room (only if they want their clothes washed!) and take their clean clothes from the laundry room to their bedroom (preferably in their drawers!) I don’t go into kids bedrooms to find clothes to wash. It only takes a time or two of having your 10-14 yo realize they have no clean clothes before school, and after that they are better at bringing clothes to laundry. I also tell my kids that the “Laundry Fairy” does not come in the middle of the night, so don’t ever expect the clothes to be clean for school the next day, when you take them to the laundry room the night

      Aren’t I mean and sarcastic? lol I do not give my kids allowance to do chores. When the subject comes up, I always say that as soon as someone pays me to clean my own house, I’ll pay them!

      However, I always have extra chores that are worth money for those who are trying to earn/save. It’s really easy to write a list of what needs to be down and how much it’s worth, and put it on the bulletin board. My 10 yodd is always keeping a running list of what extra chores she did and how much they’re worth.

      She knows that when she wants the money I’ll give it to her – that way she is less apt to lose it, or have one of the little kids find her money and lose it!

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