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      My two daughters, 7 & 10, do have chores and responsibilities they typical ones like keep your room picked up, clothes off the floor, beds made, toys away when you are done with them, garbage, pet care, stacking dishes etc. They help with dinner if homework wasnt overabundant and are expected to pitch in with total house cleaning (toilets, dusting etc.) if they are home when that is being done, like in the summer or over breaks.
      My children DO receive money for doing these things. We view the money-thing a bit different thanpaying for chores which is why I thought I would share.
      Because I am a SAHM, we have always explained to the girls that everyone in the family has different roles. It is Daddys job to work outside the home and bring home the money that keeps a roof over our heads, a car in the drive and food in our tummies. It is my job to manage the running of the house and their basic day-to-day care and schedules. It is their job to go to school and learn all they can to become happy, responsible, productive adults for their future families. Part of that learning all they can includes pitching in, being helpful without being asked and doing chores around the house.
      And in our family, when everyone does their job then everyoneearns a piece of the family money. If they do not chose to do their job and act a part of the family, they are not entitled to family perks and money. So, not only do they not get paid but they also may lose theperk of being driven to a friends house, an anticipated sleepover, or participation in family game night. Something to that effect. It only took about twice with each child to figure it out. We are team and teams win when everyone does their best at their jobs.
      My kids are very responsible and naturally helpful, and usually do not even remember to ask for their money. I just keep it in an envelope and when they want something, we check to see how much they have earned (I liken it to direct deposit LOL!) We discuss how much to give, how much to save and what is reasonable and smart to spend the money on as part of theirjob of learning. Is that a good deal? Could you get a better price if you waited and shopped around? Is it flimsy? Will it last? All important concepts to figure out.
      Its also been a great tool to teach goal setting like my 10yr old who was saving for an American Girl Doll. She was able to figure out how many weeks it would take and ask for extra responsibility to raise her income to get her goal quicker. Shes already money savvy and has decided to start saving for her first car (6 yrs will fly by!) so she actively asks for opportunities to earn extra money. By summer, she will have enough money to open a mutual fund (with me, of course) to let the money really start to grow fast. Then we can teach about investing.

      Monica in IL

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