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      My DD, 18, is away at college. When she is home for breaks and such, she is treated (pretty much) like a third adult in the household. I basically do nothing for her.

      All we really ask is that she respect us as she would wish to be respected…sometimes it works…other times???She had a lot of responsibilities (chores) before she left for college. She was my high honor roll, national honor society, over achiever, social butterfly, cheerleader since 4th grade…She started working at 16 to help pay for her car and insurance.

      My 15 yo DS is responsible for his room and the laundrying of his bedding and sports uniforms. He is not the greatest of students. He is a pretty busy guy, as he plays a sport eash season…golf in fall, just finished basketball, and now baseball is underway with the first games this sat. Added to that is behind the wheel driver’s training 2 mornings a week at 6:15 am.

      He also has trash detail 2 times a week (hauling the cans out to the roadside). He helps out as needed with dishes and cooking, and anything else I need like help at the grocery store, etc. He doesn’t get paid for his work.

      We give him what he needs cash wise for dates and such.

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      Another Thread …

      Do you make/require your children to do household chores?

      If so, What Chores & how old are the children?

      Also, is allowance part of the equation or is it because they need to
      learn that families work together and everyone needs to do their part?

      Just curious.

      As most of you know I have 2 children and we require them to do
      chores. I am revamping what is expected of them as we speak. I feel it
      is important that kids learn how to properly keep house as well as how
      to plan and prepare meals.

      Obviously I don’t expect them to cok and
      clean my house, but I do want them to be self sufficient when they are
      old enough for their own apartments and not live like pigs & eat out of
      a take-out box, lol.


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