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      I’ve tried using white vinegar, but we have an he washer (uses very little water per load), and boy can we smell the vinegar!! even my husband, who has a very bad sense of smell! wish this worked for us b/c it would cut down on the fabric softener cost. for now, i take solace that i use very little of the regular b/c he doesn’t need as much as normal.

      I just use white vinegar…

      about 1/4 cup per load… some use the downey
      ball… others have used the regular fabric softner, watered in down and use
      their own rag…

      soak up softner, wring out, toss in dryer…

      sw Ohio
      zone 5-6

      On 7/15/08, J Diane Northcutt <> wrote:
      > Does anyone make their own laundry fabric softener?
      > If so, can you share the recipe.
      > Thanks,
      > Diane

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