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      Has anyone ever created a pantry inventory? I decided that I was going to create one, and didn’t know if anyone knew of some easy ways to keep the list organized and up to date.

      I decided to make the list for 2 reasons; I was tired of having a crowded pantry but feeling that I had nothing to eat. Also I am finding that I’m buying duplicates because I don’t know what I have. I am also starting to have to store food in other areas, and I’d like to keep up with where everything is.

      I made it through half the pantry this morning and the shelves that I have in the dining room. I just have jars and cans and the misc stuff at the bottom.

      So any ideas for keeping this organized? My list is currently in word. I considered excel, but figured that typing it would be easier in word.


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      I think Joanne had a pantry list she just posted a couple of weeks ago.

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      you can make one by hand or use a spread sheet. I posted a ‘staples’ list and you can write that up and put check marks by the things that you have. empty spaces would mean that is something to consider purchasing.

      if you place your list in a protective sheet covering, you can mark on the plastic and then wipe it off after a trip to the grocery store. when I first started out managing my kitchen, this is sorta what I did. I didn’t think about sheet protectors and had several columns on my hand-written sheet that was taped to the inside of my pantry door.

      I no longer have that wonderful pantry, but i have developed the habit of writing items on the list that’s on the fridge when i use it up. that way i keep the pantry stocked and i rotate the stock. when i purchase something, it goes behind the items in front.

      yes, my cabinets are organized by food items. how ocd am i?! lol!

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