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      Dear Jenna,
      Any water base (Latex) paint shouldn’t have too much of an odor, and you can
      use it unless the ceiling was painted with oil last time. PLEASE do not stand
      on a chair !!!!! Get a small ladder, or step stool if your ceilings are low

      You should use a semi-gloss paint unless this is a bedroom where you
      might want a flat finish. I do hope you are using color, and not just white???
      you can’t obtain a ladder at least use an extension for your brush or roller.
      What kind of roller will depend on what is on your ceiling now, popcorn,
      flat, etc. Wear a hat or bandana to cover your hair, and goggles to protect your
      eyes, be sure to wipe the dust and webs down, and if it is a kitchen you may
      have to clean any greasy spots.

      Do any repair of cracks etc before you start to
      paint and cover your repair with a primer and let dry before you paint your
      base color. A roller is much faster than a brush, but you didn’t say if you are
      going for a faux finish or a straight finish, so a lot will depend on that
      too. Maybe it would help if we had a little more information on what exactly you
      are trying to accomplish over what kinds of surfaces.
      Lillith 462

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