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      — In, “Cynthia Pennacchietti”
      > My son got hit by a couple of blue paintballs yesterday. The
      paint is on
      > his backpack and new winter coat. Any idea what could remove the
      paint and
      > leave the coat in good shape.<< Paintballs are not made of paint. They are soft gelatin capsules
      (the same gelatin as in Jell-O) containing a mixture of vegetable
      oil and food color (pigments), the same as those in orange soda,
      candies, ice cream, bubblegum, mints, etc. The liquid fill in a
      paintball is non-toxic and non-caustic, water-soluble and made of
      biodegradable or naturally occurring ingredients.

      To remove paintball fill from fabrics:
      The same common-sense procedures apply as those used to remove
      spills of other ordinary foods, jellies, beverages, etc.;
      Cleaning results are most successful when performed immediately. As
      with every spill, the sooner it is removed, the better the expected
      Plain water works in most circumstances, on most fabrics and
      Ordinary laundry detergent per the detergent manufacturer’s
      recommendations will aid in tougher cases.

      For more stubborn cases, “Dow Scrubbing Bubbles” works wonders
      on “paint” ball fill.

      Hope this helps,

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