Packing tip for Breakable Presents

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      I wanted to share a really simple packing tip, instead of paying actual money for bubble wrap or packing peanuts, just pop some cheap store brand popcorn. Place it in zip-close bags and tuck it in the box around the gift that you’re sending. If you really want to make it more special just add a couple packages of homemade popcorn seasoning mix with the gift and then the packing materials are completely “edible” (save for the bags).
      i never understood why people pay for packing materials!

      you can purchase store brand popcorn at the dollar store for $1 a bag and it will give you enough popped popcorn to fill a good sized box.

      The popcorn seasoning mixes are here:

      Happy Holidays to you all!


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      I love this idea, purchasing packing peanuts or bubble wrap is a waste of money and the popcorn makes a great munchie! Alternatively, I’m sure the wildlife would appreciate getting to eat it too.

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