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      How about making your own, homemade baked chicken nuggets? I usually bake a huge batch of them and then flash freeze them on a cookie sheet before bagging them so that I can just take out what I need and reheat for a quick meal.
      Toss them in the oven for about 12-15 minutes to reheat while you are getting ready to go out, and toss in a plastic container with another container of your favorite dip on the side. I like to have a side salad with mine, but cherry tomatoes or fresh broccoli or carrot sticks is also a nice combo. Maybe even few goldfish crackers.
      Also, the best advice I ever got was not to think of lunch the same old way. Think outside of the box as in protein, fruit/veggie, healthy grain. Very Berry Cheerios mixed into light yogurt with some fresh fruit on top or on the side or An apple, string cheese and some wheat thins-type crackers is a healthy meal. I actually eat this a lot I get the bags of Garden Harvest Tomato Basil Toasted Chips (16 chips is a serving and equals ½ serving of veggies!) and top them with a smidge of Light Laughing Cow Cheese it tastes like a pizza! Yum! Even if I pile on the laughing cow and use TWO wedges instead of one, it still only equals 190 calories. Add an apple and you are still under 300 calories, very full and very satisfied. Thats my kind of lunch LOL! My kids love this too.
      Have fun!
      Monica in IL

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