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      try some ants on a log-celery with alittle pb smeared across top and top that with raisins.
      carrot sticks sliced thin so she does not choke and some kind of dressing for her to dip them in.
      You can get the lunchable jr. meals that has the cubed up meat,cheese and crackers.They come two meals worth together for 1.95 here.

      Ria wrote:

      Things that come to mind here are: – Fresh veggies with ranch dressing/dip – Yogurt or GoGurts – String cheese – Triscuits/Crackers with cheese – Dry cereal (or a bowl of cereal with a lid, spoon & container of milk) – Goldfish crackers – Fresh Fruit

      — On Wed, 5/21/08, pseuzanne wrote:

      From: pseuzanne Subject: : Packing lunch
      Date: Wednesday, May 21, 2008, 10:57 AM

      It’s finally getting warm here in Massachusetts, and I’m using free
      parks, playgrounds, ponds, etc. to entertain my 2 1/2- year-old. I
      always pack a lunch
      for both of us in the cooler, but need some fresh
      ideas to avert boredom. I’m trying to lose weight, and I don’t like her
      to have too much sugar, so even though PB&J sandwiches are easy, I need
      an alternative. She also gets impatient waiting in the morning while
      mommy packs lunch, so things that go together quickly would be a bonus.
      We don’t have any other special dietary needs, although the only fish I
      can stand is tuna. Any suggestions?


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