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      Hi, Maria,

      There’s a wonderful national organization called Parent Information

      Center (PIC). I don’t know where you live but at our office in Delaware

      there are tapes & books to check out free & guidance to help you choose.

      This office/organization puts on seminars, tape/video lectures via computer,

      can help with you finding & obtaining a free state educational advocate, and

      much more. It’s all FREE but if you want their newsletter there is a small

      fee (maybe $50/year for family???).

      I tried to find a national site but apparently each state has a site

      of their own. For example, Delaware’s is so maybe if you

      Googled Parent Information Center you’d find your own state’s office.

      Best to you,

      ~ Rustey

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      Subject: : overprotective parenting

      I am reading a parenting book on Bullying,to help my son cope with

      these situations for the up-comming school year,and I have identified

      with being a over protective parent(mom)Does anyone know of any good

      books out there that can help me break this cycle,that has effected my



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