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      Would someone explain to me why every place that offers events or classes insist on holding them on Tuesday or Wensday? I am suposed to get out more, be social, make friends ect. Everything I find to do in in the middle of the week.

      I dont think even if I was not at work I would want to come home and get ready to go to one of these things and then come home again and go to bed for work. Not to mention if I had kids. At least on the weekend you could send them to a friends house or grandmas.

      I thought the point was to relax and have fun. I am just frusterated. I work noon to midnight.

      I cant go to a cooking class tuesday night at 6. Whats wrong with friday-sunday?? The latest one I have found is a cooking class at a local martins gerocery.

      aparently they have a new store that has a kitchen aid sponsord kitchen for classes. I love to cook. this would be fun.

      no the only classes are in the middle of the week when im at work. hobby lobby has classes in the middle of the week when im at work. we actually have a dance studio that has classes on saterday!!!

      yay! im concidering it. but as i find more things…

      scrapbooking crop middle of the week…. i wonder more and more why not the weekend??? :dash1: Dose anyone know why?

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      I think the main reason is so that people still have their weekends. As a person who does schedule activities it is hard to find a weekend that you will get the most attendance. Saturday’s people like to do family things, shopping, etc.

      Sunday’s are busy with church activities. Even during the week there are several nights that are occupied by other things that it can be hard to schedule something. Good luck finding something, might check with a local park and rec department, university, etc.

      sometimes they will have weekend social events.

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      might check with a local park and rec department, university, etc.

      very good ideas kim. also check in at the local center senior centers, and ymca or ywca. usually find something in that line also.

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      Bingo~ don’t they do this on the weekend or bowling. I know you like cats, what about helping out at a shelter or pet store (I myself would love to do this, but would end up bringing all the animals home).

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