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      Well, I’m not sure if this counts because it’s more repurposing than making something… but what the heck!

      When we had our old couch our little dog (a Pembroke Welsh Corgi named Prince) was allowed to be up on the couch with us. When we got our “new” couch the fabric wasn’t very dog friendly (his hair was not only going to be shedding all over the place, as usual, but it was going to get caught in the fabric all the time!). so, we made the difficult decision to no longer allow prince on the furniture.

      at the last minute i decided that there was no reason we couldn’t keep the old couch cushions for doggie beds. so now his royal highness has 3 doggie beds in 3 different rooms of the house that he LOVES to lay on… but only if one of us is near by.

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      awww.. thanks for sharing! My Mom has a corgi too and he’s the cutest little fellow ever, but you’re right about that hair, it is everywhere! We’d love to see a photo of your furbaby.

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      I’m always willing to share pics of my babies smiley-char090  smilie (I have 2 two-legged, and 2 four-legged)! Of course, the word babies is a bit misleading as the human 2 are 24 & 21. lol!

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      Very sweet! Thanks for sharing!! I know what you mean about your “babies”, our oldest is 19 and he doesn’t understand when I tell him he’ll always be my baby, despite being 6′ tall, lol. Kids and furbabies alike.. you want to protect them no matter how old they get

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Budget101 Discussion List Archives Pet Care Our "new" Pet Bed