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      As far as I’m concerned, the Parents are responsible for teaching them to have reasonable manners so thatTeachers don’t need to spend 1/2 of the class time maintaining order…Teachers are supposed to teach- they aren’t required to parent! A good bit of what children need to know should be taught at home by Parents or extended family members.

      Some Parents think schools are supposed to do everythinginvolved in raising a child for them….just having a child doesn’t make you a Parent. Being a good Parent is a lot of work! And after 4 of the little darlings, for me at least, it doesn’t get any easier..

      A big “Thank You” toTeachers everywhere!!

      Lisa G.

      If the school doesn’t teach this, then the parents should. Actually the parents should teach the kids from an early age.

      The public schools can only do so much, especially when you consider that half (or more) of class time is spent just trying to keep order.


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