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      If your son took advantage of that experience, he has learned some very valuable lessons.


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      our high school has a class that teaches how to manage a checking account, how to budget money.Deal withcredit cards, apply for loans, etc. My son even had to decided what career he wanted, online find the average salary, find an apt in the classifieds, buy a car out of there also. He had to budget his money monthly. They taught how to write a resume, they even had people from the business community come in to do mock interviews so the kids could see what that was all about. The guy interviewing my son even offered him a real job! It was a great class. I just wish my daughter could have gone through a class like that. tT

      On 5/5/08, Nancy[/B] <nancyr@ntin.net> wrote:

      If the school doesn’t teach this, then the parents should. Actually the parents should teach the kids from an early age.

      The public schools can only do so much, especially when you consider that half (or more) of class time is spent just trying to keep order.


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      I was thinking about something that may be helpful to our children’s future. I wonder why personal finance and budgetingisn’t taught in high school. This would be of great benefit to them and all americans over the long term.

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