Budget Menu & Dirt Cheap Recipes Weekly Menu Plans Our first menu plan!!!

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      Since working two jobs its hard to make dinner – but my kids came up with this menu that THEY are going to make for the week of 1/19- 1/25-

      Monday-Tomatoe soups with grilled cheese

      Tuesday- Salad and chicken tenders

      Wednesday- Manwich and fried tators

      Thursday- Spag & meatballs

      Friday- Tacos and corn

      Saturday- hamburger patties with gravey, mashed potatoes and peas

      Sunday- (I get to help with this) Pork roast, garlic cauliflower and white rice

      I think this will work 🙂

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      Thats awsome!!! What ages are they? its so nice when you see the kids helping out.

      I am marryed to mine and he rarly ever helps. 🙂

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      Deanne is 15, AJ is 17 and Erica is 20. I am very proud of them 🙂

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      And you should be. Most of the adults I know still think mom and dad should do everything for them. Your kids rock in my book!

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      thank Red!! They have helped alot since I work so much – I am really proud of them 🙂

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      Great menu! Your kids are so sweet to step in and help. 🙂

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      I like your menu Lynn, your kids did a great job on it. Sounds like your going to be eating good that week….yum yum!!!

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      your kids DO rock! they came up with a great plan that’s diverse and easy to do. good for you and your babies (whatever their age…they’re still your babies;0>)

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      If I asked my daughter what she wanted (she is 3) our menu would consist of hamburgers, chicken, macaroni and cheese, pizza and shrimp lol

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      That’s really great that your kids are doing this! 🙂

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      I love when my daughter cooks for me! She surprises me often by cooking and I let her know that is better than any gift she could buy me.

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      If my boys were to cook for me we would be eating nothing but Mexican food & pizza! It’s great to have children (older or younger!) who are willing to cook. I wish mine would surprise me with dinner just once a month!

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      I agree – kids are great – I even mentioned to then that they could go to culinary school and become and Iron Chef!!!

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Budget Menu & Dirt Cheap Recipes Weekly Menu Plans Our first menu plan!!!