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      Okay, 2 last questions on this one, (Thank You so very much for your varied responses, I really appreciate them all),

      1. Does it matter to you who the judges are? Whether its the homeowner or someone independent that is just reading the essay?

      2. What is your biggest concern about entering (aside from the $100 fee)?

      My husband and I have a beautiful place in Northern Wisconsin and we’re considering selling it/giving it away in this manner. I’ve called the Attorney Generals office, who confirmed that it Is legal, and then contacted the Department of Consumer Affairs as well, just to be sure, lol.

      I think it would be fun, but I want to address any concerns in the beginning. Such as setting up a trust account/escrow account with an attorney so if we don’t receive the minimum entries, the money would be returned to each entrant, etc. And setting a cap on the Maximum entries, so the odds would be 1 in 750 chance if we met the minimum or a 1 in 1,000 chance if we met the maximum.

      I guess the biggest thing for me is, I would prefer our family read the essays and chose the winner. Each of pick our favorite and then send those off to an independentjudge to choose. My husband (A Contractor) & I put alot of hours remodeling that house, and adding a beautiful 36′ office addition with french doors.

      Of course somewhere along the lines I’ll have to add the caveat the no family could enter (obviously).

      Once again, thank you for your input, I am appreciative of each and every repsonse.


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